Articles & Photography
Sessue Hayakawa: Hollywood’s Forgotten Leading Man.
Everything Is Sculpture: Isamu Noguchi.
RS:X International Windsurfing Championship, Enoshima Japan 2017.
Japan’s Apathy Towards The Natural World.
Chigasaki: Honolulu’s “Sister City.”
Chiba: A Day At The Beach.
Hiratsuka: A Day At The Beach.
TEPCO Dumping 770,000 Tonnes Of Radiation Contaminated Water In The Pacific Ocean

Japan’s Terrorism Law Aimed At Protesters, And Abe’s Opposition
An Essay On The History Of Banking
The Trump Card: Japan’s Lopsided Trade Deal With The U.S.
Scorsese Silences Japan’s Skeptics
Ichijodani Castle: The Site Of The Last Samurai Battle

The Cult Of Shinto Exposed
Japan’s Post WWII Illustrations
Aeon’s Organic Food Scam
Bigger Than Life: A Macro Photography Excursion in Yokohama
Fukushima: The Land Time Forgot, And Other Anomalies
Japan, Child Abduction, The Hague, And Sanctions
When Worlds Collide: Art And Tragedy
Snow Monkey Paradise In Hell Valley: Jigokudani Yaen Koen
Origins Of The English Language
The TPP And Its Implications On Food, Intellectual Property, And Trade
Dead Oceans 2050
Biosolids Controversy? No Shit!
Remove Me!
Review: The Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Bicycle
Asahi Brewery: Sharing The Kando
Japan’s Invisible People
Sakura Season
Fukushima: What We Know Now
Anti-Nuclear Rally In Tokyo
Immigrant Song: March In March
Ric O’Barry: Everything Starts With A Dream
Takashi And Maru
Q&A With Isao Tomita
Sean Frew: The MMA Coach
Eikaiwas: Regulated Or Shutdown
Senkaku Islets And The International World Court
Nikko In Autumn
Eiheiji Temple River In Winter
Fukui, Japan: North Of Tojinbo
Utsunomiya: Gyoza City
Senkaku Island Dispute
Kishi Bashi Interview
Matsuri Time!
Kegon Waterfall: Nikko National Park, Tochigi, Japan
Tepco’s Liability To Japan

Children & Education
Artist Series: Baroque
Artist Series: Impressionist
Artist Series: Modern
Artist Series: Post Impressionism
Artist Series: Realism
Artist Series: Renaissance
Artist Series: Romantism
Biographies: Aristotle
Biographies: Chiune Sugihara
Biographies: Gaius Julius Caesar
Biographies: Galileo Galilei
Biographies: Ibn Al-Haytham
Biographies: Jethro Tull
Biographies: Michael Jordan
Biographies: Murasaki Shikibu
Biographies: Terence Pratchett
Biographies: Thomas Savery
Biographies: Walt Disney
Happy Ornithoid
History: Egypt
History: Indus Valley
History: Mesopotamia
How F Became E
Kohana’s Bananas
Mako From The Uninhabited And Unknown Eighth Island Of Hawaii
Science Series: Atoms And Chemstry
Science Series: Aquatic Biomes
Science Series: Changing Earth: Plate Tectonics
Science Series: Connective Tissue
Science Series: Digestive System
Science Series: Dinosaurs
Science Series: Environmental Science
Science Series: Food Web
Science Series: Forces, Energy, Electricity And Magnetism
Science Series: Human Anatomy
Science Series: Light And Sound
Science Series: Nervous System
Science Series: Ocean Biomes Sea Life Advanced
Science Series: Ocean Biomes Sea Life Beginner
Science Series: Senses
Science Series: Skeletal System
Science Series: States Of Matter
Science Series: Terrestrial Biomes
Stan The Man Flanagan
The Birthday Party
The Ladybug Loses Her Hat
The Lost Treasure Of Oak Island
The Upside Down And Backwards Man
The Wrecking Ball
What Are You?
Who’s That Little Boy In The Mirror?
Young Learner Readers: About Our World
Young Learner Readers: Our Solar System
Young Learner Readers: The Sun And Moon Series

Amber Green
Broken Down On A One Way Track
Children Of The Wanting
Contrasts Of Youth
Descending Stairwell
Destination Unknown
Dissent Of The Mores
Dusk Of Dying
Empty Hollow
Every Word Written
Fade Away
From Madness Grip
Gothic Squeeze
I Think Trees
I’ll Never Ask Why
If I Die Before I Wake
Inane Rove
Kings Horses
Lack Therof
Lady Of The Nile
Mocking Bird
Nothing At All
Ol’ Man O The Sea
Pendulum Swing
Sea’s Floor
The Great White Hope
This Fair Child
Twilight Hunter
Wayside Wander
What’s Up With That

A Kiss Of Fire
Ain’t Whistlin’ Dixie
Bad Trip
Billy Boy
Bumi Manusia (This Earth Of Mankind)
Different Shades Of Blue
Four Corners
High Rollers
In Search Of The Eternally Elusive Everlasting Life
Jack Of Hearts
Nowhere Fast
Paradise Cove
Stand Off
Sweet Freedom
Swingin’ Kings
The Counselor TV Pilot
The Crippled Healer
Tony And Alice: A Love Story
Vow Of Silence

Short Stories
A Done Deal
A Jew Who Knew Too Much
A Place To Call Home
An Employment Application
An Unlikely Hero
Animal Crackers
Devil’s Triangle
Folding Old Paper
Fukui Karasu
Hell Is Highwater: The Story Of The U.S.S. Indianapolis
Honolua Bay: Maui’s North Shore
Memoirs Of A Cop Killer
Mr. Seldom’s Magical Jungle
Not Me!
Objects In The Mirror
Pop Pop’s Violin
Red Is My Favorite Color
Termination Request
That Damn Bird!
The Concubine
The Crazy Woman And The Fiery Snow
The Great Great Valentini
The Happy Ornithoid
The Last Man
The Last Messiah
The Pianist
The Pink Bicycle
The Revolution
Up From The Deep
Wayside Wander
Year Of The Horse

Big Blu Orb: Plastic Planet
Japan Ease: Culture, History, And Language
Law Subject Outlines: Know Your Rights
Nihongo News
Photo Journal Japan
The Banking Swindle: A Historical Perspective
The Best Albums Ever
The Seed: Adolescence, Drug Treatment, And Industry
The Zionist Narrative

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