In The Beginning There Was Rock

Stack Jones began his musical career by performing at live venues as part of Miami’s original music scene with his band, Spinout. The group performed a variety of styles including, rockabilly, pop, rock, surf and hard rock. Fans often clashed with the band during live performances where the audience expected a particular genre of music, but Spinout delivered another. This especially irked the rockabilly traditionalists, who would come to the shows decked in oldies garb, and find Spinout performing something entirely different. Spinouts performed at the best venues on the east coast including, New York City’s legendary CBGB’s, and Miami’s Jockey Club. Bob Marlowe, entertainment writer for the Miami Herald wrote; “Stack Jones writes tunes that segue into a set like a hand into a well-worn glove. Boring is one adjective I’d never use to describe this guy.”

Spinout released their first single, Shake Like A Hurricane, on Pete Moss’, Juke Box. Moss’ compilation album can still be found at The Pete Moss Memorial All-Night Record Shop. The record is described as a snapshot of the South Florida punk/new wave scene at the time.

Spinout entered the studio to record their debut album. Band management and fans thought it would be a rockabilly record. It wasn’t! The self-produced EP titled; Revelation VI, was dark and had apocalyptic overtones, and did not include the catchy rockabilly tune Once Burnt Twice Shy. A staff writer for the Miami News, (a now defunct newspaper), wrote; “It appears that another band hijacked The Spinouts’ studio sessions.” The audience that came to know Spinout as a flashy, retro act was surprised by the release. Spinout relished in the controversy.

Spinout interviewed for MTV with legendary DJ Corey James, and appeared on a variety of local TV and radio shows, such as the University of Miami’s WVUM radio station and The Ed Rich Rock Show. Jones won Best Guitarist at the first Miami Music Awards.

The highlight for Spinout was headlining the famous Coconut Grove Bed Race to an estimated audience of 70,000. The opening act was the now legendary, Miami Sound Machine. Spinout also performed the Sonny Bono penned ballad; Needles And Pins live at Club Blitz in Hialeah, Florida with, The Ramones front man, Joey Ramone.

After the breakup of Spinout, Jones joined the hard rockin’, Amazing Grace. At that time Amazing Grace was performing hardcore punk. Jones agreed to join the band if they started writing, and performing in other genres of music including, hard rock, alternative and southern rock. Amazing Grace agreed and thereafter the band became one of the most famous in the city of Miami.

Jones appeared as a guest speaker on WSVN News Radio, WQAM Miami, Piper High School, WKPX radio and University of Miami’s WVUM. This was during the time when Christian conservatives had attempted to impose explicit lyrics and parental advisory labeling scheme on record companies and the products they produced. Jones argued that labeling music, and imposing third party standards on lyrical content of musical recordings circumvented the First Amendment right free speech; rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States.

During this period Amazing Grace often performed at the legendary, Cameo Theater. The band performed with with nearly every alternative act that toured the U.S., including some of Jones’ favorite artists, Lord’s Of The New Church, Killing Joke, and The Ramones.

Jamie Shoop who discovered, and managed Prince, and Los Angeles rockers, Warrant of Columbia Records was introduced to Amazing Grace by her then husband Bill Bakula. Bakula was at that time the producer of south Florida news station WSVN. Shoop immediately began to to manage the band. Amazing Grace entered the studio, and recorded their second album titled, On And On, with two-time Grammy Award winning producer Karl Richardson. Amazing Grace recorded, Beauty (Deeper Than The Flesh), which was one of the band’s strongest studio recordings. Oddly, the master tape was destroyed due to improper storage. Other recordings included, All The World Is Roses, Don’t Walk Away, End Of Time, and Sweet Vibrations. The band also recorded videos for their songs, 14, and Fire In The Distance. Amazing Grace appeared on the television show, Miami Vice, episode, Rising Sun Of Death. The band entered into an agreement with the show’s producers to have their music used exclusively on that particular episode. However, that agreement fell through as Jan Hammer had exclusive rights for the production of all music at that time, and this agreement infringed his contractual rights. It was widely reported, and wrongfully so that Amazing Grace had been cancelled from Miami Vice. Amazing Grace did appear in the broadcast, but their music was not used.

After eleven years of performing with Steve Lambert in Spinout and Amazing Grace, Jones left the band, and relocated to Los Angeles to study film. Jones received a BA in film production from Loyola Marymount University (Magna Cum Laude). He received audio/video engineering certification from Soundmaster Recording Institute, which was operated by the legendary record producer/engineer, and former MCA president, Brian Ingoldsby. Jones began performing stunts in motion pictures, which included doing stunts for comedian Carrot Top in the film, Chairman Of The Board. Jones also edited the Korean award-winning film, Soap Girl.

Shortly after obtaining his BA in communications, Jones began to write, and develop projects for Japanese television and movie production company, Tsuburya Productions. He collaborated with two-time Emmy Award winning producer Alan Sacks, who created the hit television series, Welcome Back Cotter. This was the show that began John Travolta’s entertainment career.

In 2007, Jack Stone (Stack Jones) received a Juris Doctorates at University of La Verne College of Law. He received several awards during this period including the IVAMS award for excellence in mediation and arbitration. That same year Jones relocated to Japan, and became the General Manager for the Da Silva Group, an entertainment conglomeration that represents speakers for CAA, William Morris, ICM, Harry Walker and International Talent, for all Japan territories.

Stack’s Back

In 2009, Jones signed with Cherry Street Records, releasing three solo albums; Stack Jones; 13 Rowdy Row, Stack Jones; Mostly Odd Things He Does, and Stack Jones; Live/Love/Live. The standout tune, Ugly Ducklin’, netted several awards including Best Male Vocalist, Artist Of The Week, and Song Of The Week. Jones produced five music videos to promote his solo projects, which includes videos for the songs, Dream On, Different Shades Of Blue, I Heard From Her Today, Madness, and Where Is God. Stack wrote and illustrated a children’s story titled, The Ladybug Loses Her Hat.

In March of 2011, during Japan’s triple disaster, Jones appeared on MSNBC Dateline with Brian Williams, PBS, and ABC Action News in Tampa, Florida. Jones’ photography received a WordPress Freshly Pressed Award for the website, Photo Journal Japan. That work can be viewed here.

By 2012 Jones journalism, and photography started appearing in numerous publications including, Earth Island Journal, Nihongo News, Tokyo Weekender, and The Japan Times. In 2013 Jones completed the screen adaptation of Pramoedya Toer’s, Bumi Manusia. In 2014, Miami New Times, called Amazing Grace one of the Miami’s top 20 bands of all time. Read the article here.

Jones is currently final polishing a novel titled, The Restless Sea, a compilation of short stories, Songs From Heaven Sung From Hell, working on a new album titled, Five Sides To Every Story, and a musical, In Search Of The Eternally Elusive Everlasting Life. Perhaps Bob Marlowe, entertainment writer for the Miami Herald was correct when he stated, “Boring is one adjective that I would never use to describe this guy.”

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