Gothic Squeeze

Men in gray suits and hats
Wandering cautiously pitter pat
A cathedrals distance to set the mood
A criminal past to keep you unglued
No stars tonight
New orders to levy
A decision firm from a hand that’s heavy
A tilted rim conceals a scowling brow

Machines churning industrial
No noise aloud
The flat foot pounds his pavements beat
Back alleys

Bustling footsteps
The rustling of feet
Meanwhile is some distant dark place
A stake out

A heist
A high speed chase
What else could be expected
From a mind this infected
News flash from the press pages
From the darkest of ages
Navy blue tweed
Crime, violence and greed
Children of all ages
At the newsstand they do read
About the underworld connection
Of the gothic squeeze
© 2014. All Rights Reserved.